Welcome to Sky Highways, the leading provider of Smartphone Applications for the Transportation industry.

Sky Highways is at the forefront of mobile phone based transportation and ticketing technology, leading the industry in total daily users of our commuter and ticketing applications. We provide a portfolio of smartphone Applications for the transportation industry and offer custom consulting and application development services.

Products and Services

We provide smartphone applications to meet the needs of both private and public transit authorities and their passengers. Sky Highways provides travel tools, fare collection and ticketing applications for commuters and employees of public transit systems.

Supporting what we Build

We maintain and support our products on the leading mobile hardware and software platforms, continuously evolving with your needs and the ever-changing environment of the mobile phone industry.

Partnership for the future

Start the journey today, the future of transit is mobile!

Sky Highways partners with public transit agencies, fare collection system vendors, mobile handset OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers to help bring the most comprehensive software solutions to market. We can help you make the best decisions on the infrastructure projects that matter most to your passengers' future.

Please contact us to learn how transit agencies and other organizations from Massachusetts to California are benefiting from our mobile solutions.

About Us.

We are a team of smartphone industry veterans with over 10 years Logoexperience in developing software products for smartphones and over 100 Million products shipped worldwide.

Sky Highways Inc. is located in Chapel Hill, NC and Oakland, CA.