Fare Validation & Proof of Payment Application for agencies

Smartcard validation for agency employees

The Sky Highways MIFARE* Conductor App is designed for use by Public Transit Agency fare collection and customer service employees. Designed for simple "one tap" use, the application takes the complexity out of smartcard fare validation. The application validates passenger contactless smartcard information with a simple "tap" of the phone against the smartcard.

Conductor App Features

An alternative to proprietary hardware handheld smartcard validation solutions. The MIFARE Conductor application supports existing stored value contactless cards from AFC System vendors based upon MIFARE & DESFire smartcard technology. The application displays tickets and passes, electronic stored value balance, plus proprietary transit information and transaction history records.

The Conductor app runs on a range of standard consumer mobile phones and operating systems.

The application is customized and maintained for regional Transit agencies and includes employee training and on going support.

Live statistics and analytics information is available to authorized transit agency personnel via a web based information portal which provides up to the minute information from the conductors and customer service personnel in the field.

*MIFARE & DESFire are trademarks of NXP Semiconductors.


MIFARE Conductor Application

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