As a software provider to the transportation industry, Sky Highways has many years experience in the details of a number of mobile technology areas:

Smartphone Applications and Operating Systems

Fare collection, payment and ticketing applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Mobile based payments & financial transaction processing

PCI compliant secure transaction processing and digital identity management. Mobile wallet applications, Trusted Service Manager (TSM) architectures, alternative billing solutions.

NFC & SIM Semiconductor software

Semiconductor chipset device drivers, secure element apps SIM based (JavaCard) & embedded (JCOP), MIFARE/DESFire programming & card provisioning.

Low level Smartphone OS Driver Software

Smartphone OS communcation drivers for Modems (G.711/G.710), SIM Application Toolkit (USAT) communications protocol.

Mobile Ticket imaging

Barcode, QR Code & proprietary image processing.

Cloud based hosted server solutions

Websites, HTML5/PHP/RAILS/SQL Scalable server solutions.

Realtime Information Delivery Systems

Scalable, multi-user, real time, location based automated notifications.

Analytics & reporting

Mobile & web hosted statistic gathering solutions for financial auditing and accounting and usage reporting.

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Technology Portfolio

Our areas of technology expertise range from system architectures to individual software components for a variety of mobile based ticketing and payments solutions.

We are a team of experienced Smartphone software veterans with over 10 years experience in developing software products for the Smartphone industry and over 100 Million products shipped.

Our specialty knowledge of the mobile, transit and payments worlds positions us at a unique intersection.