Commuter Application for Passengers

Passenger Convenience plus New Revenue for Transit Agencies

The Commuter App provides passengers with timely information and services to ease their daily commute. No more calling customer service to determine a travel card balance or to find out why the bus is late. Passengers enjoy the convenience of anywhere, anytime information delivered right to their phone.

Commuter App Features

The application incorporates travel card balance and account management features along with a suite of travel tools including interactive route maps, live transit information, live service alerts, social media and a feedback tool allowing them to report service or security issues instantly from the phone.

In addition to the passenger convenience, the application offers immediate cost savings and new revenue opportunities to the transit operator.

Customized for Regional Transit Agencies

The application is customized to incorporate the unique requirements of the regional transit operator.

New Revenue opportunities for Transit Agencies

The application along with Sky Highways' unique business model provides new revenue opportunities for public transit authorities to increase annual revenue - please contact us directly to learn more.


The Commuter App

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We partner with regional public transit agencies, fare collection system vendors, financial services companies and mobile handset OEMs to bring the most comprehensive fare collection solution to market.