Phone Ticketing application

Begin the transition to mobile ticketing today

The Phone Ticketing app is a complete mobile ticketing architecture solution, compatible with all forms of paper ticketing and provides a foundation for seamless transition to contactless technology in the future. The application combines a mobile ticketing solution with travel tools, live service alerts and dedicated passenger feedback support.

Transit agencies enjoy immediate cost savings and improved customer satisfaction while passengers can enjoy the convenience of anywhere, anytime ticket purchases delivered right to their phone in real time.

Phone Ticketing App Features

Sky Highways ticketing application provides a simple "one click" ticket purchase and supports multiple ticket types (daily, weekly, monthly passes) through a simple and intuitive interface.

The ticketing application works with existing commuter ticketing infrastructure, and supports all types of paper ticket.

Pilot programs return immediate savings

Simultaneous support of paper and mobile paperless ticketing allows transit agencies to begin the transition to mobile today and realize cost savings at the same time provide regular commuters the advantages and convenience of a mobile solution today and into the future.

Introduce new loyalty or incentive programs and services to improve customer satisfaction and further reduce operating costs.

Free trial available

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Phone Ticketing Application

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